• What software can I use the templates in? +

    Our vehicle templates come in AI (Adobe Illustrator) file format, which is a commonly supported format for importing into SignLab, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, Gerber Advantage, and FlexiSign.

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  • I use a Mac OSX system; can I still use the Flash Drive? +

    The AI files on the DVD are independent of the platform, so they can be used with either Mac or Windows.

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  • I know the vehicle templates are at 1:20 scale. How can I resize this, so that I output the job at full scale? +

    Scale the template by 2,000% to obtain full 1:1 scale. Please note that some design applications require that you scale in two steps (see following tips for examples).

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  • In Gerber Advantage (GA), I cannot resize the template by 2,000%. How can I get the template to full scale? +

    In Gerber Advantage, you must do a two-step resize. With the entire vehicle selected, first resize by 1,000%, and then by an additional 200%.

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  • In Adobe Illustrator, I am prevented from resizing the template by 2,000%, even when I resize in two steps. What is wrong? +

    All versions of Illustrator have a maximum page size that prevents editing templates at full size. However, do the following:
    1. In Illustrator, scale the template by 166.666%. This obtains a scale of 1" = 1' for editing.
    2. When ready to print, use the printer settings to further scale by 1,200%, which will obtain the actual vehicle size.

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  • How do I change the vehicle color without changing everything else on the body? +

    Ungroup the imported vehicle template. Depending upon the template complexity, and the way in which your design software imports AI file objects, be aware that there can be nested groups.

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  • Can I just buy individual years (i.e., only the current year)? +

    We do not sell individual years. Your initial purchase of PVO Pro Edition entitles you to the current year, plus all previous years as a bonus. For subsequent years, upgrading at reduced cost will keep your collection current.

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  • Can I buy an individual template? +

    We do not sell individual templates. Our pricing for the collection and upgrades ensure that we are capable of reliably maintaining accuracy and consistency with new vehicle models each year.

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  • Do you have vehicles from the 1980's? +

    Our collection covers model years from 1994 onward.

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  • I output my finished design, but it was out 3". Why? +

    Your choice and placement of artwork is key in identifying problem areas of the vehicle. Always watch for vehicle contours that would not be readily apparent in a two-dimensional template. For example, a front or rear view may not effectively illustrate a sloped window.

    Having vehicle templates as a resource is fantastic for saving time and effort during the initial design. However, to avoid wasted material, perform some test measurements of the actual vehicle prior to output. Trouble areas to check are often windows, door seams, and handles.

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  • I saw the price cheaper at a trade show. Can I still get that price? +

    Trade show pricing is special promotional pricing that is exclusively for trade shows.

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